• Hi, I’m Brad. In today’s competitive economy it’s increasingly imperative to have a stellar and engaging resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile which properly show cases your skills and abilities. Articulating your career goals and presenting yourself accordingly to each prospective employer is a must. This is a comprehensive process which also includes the appropriate use of soft skills. After completing my Master’s in Engineering, I decided to stretch my personal and professional comfort zone and relocate to Vietnam. After having worked in hospitality, teaching, sales, administration, research, landscaping, and health and wellness I wanted to utilize my job experience to help others land the career they desired. Working internationally gave me crucial experience and insight into the expectations of employers in 2019 and the necessity for an outstanding professional portfolio and engaging professional reputation and persona. Using my varied career background and integrated knowledge base I help clients deliver their best professional highlights. I work with clients personally to ensure I have a thorough understanding of who they are and their career objectives. This allows for authentically crafted professional documents which, undoubtedly, integrate your personal touch. I have successfully delivered our professional services to both western and international clients, all of whom were overwhelmingly satisfied. This has included the instruction of Business and Communications English, and soft skills. I have proudly taught mangers, directors and a multitude of international executives. At Top Prospect Careers MY GOAL is to help you achieve YOUR GOALS and help you transform your career potential.