• Hi, I’m Dan, a career-enhancing resume writer with seven years’ experience transforming my clients’ career potential. I have a background in Human Resources, recruitment & compensation, interview coaching, and resume writing along with a degree in English Language and a post-graduate certificate in Human Resources. I’ve written and revamped hundreds of documents, from resumes to LinkedIn profiles, each project designed perfectly to match the client’s professional history, accomplishments, and career aspirations. I understand the importance of first impressions and how everyone’s professional journey is unique. I know exactly what it takes to transform your career-related documents into polished, professional, and eye-catching statements of your personal brand that will, without question, attract the attention of prospective employers. My work has helped past clients attain employment in organizations such as Google, Snap Inc, Exxon Mobile, Goldman Sachs, BMO, Microsoft, Great-West Life, Facebook, and many other noted and industry leading employers. Ultimately my focus with each writing assignment is to develop a project with content that demonstrates your unequivocal value as an employee. I achieve this with your input and guidance so that every project is tailored to your unique career history and goals. But, enough about me, let’s work together to see how we can transform your resume and help you transition into the career you deserve.