Including Multiple Roles at the Same Company

How to Include Multiple Roles: Tips From A Professional Resume Writer There are a variety of ways you can format your resume. As a professional resume writer one of the most common questions I [...]


How to Optimize Your Job Search in 2020

Did your last job search result in this? “After reviewing your application, we have decided that you are not the right fit for the position at this time. Thank you for your interest in our [...]


Understanding Applicant Tracking Systems

What are Applicant Tracking Systems? In 2019, it’s crucial to have an understanding of applicant tracking systems. Did you ever wonder why, after submitting dozens (sometimes hundreds) of [...]


Common Interview Mistakes You Should Avoid

There are some interview mistakes that should not need to be explained. If you are answering texts, dressed poorly, arrive late, or use profanity you should probably save yourself (and the [...]


8 Ways to Get a Job in a Bad Economy

Job hunting isn’t easy in a good economy. During a recession, it’s downright disheartening. The solution, however, is the same in both cases: action. The more pro-active and engaged you are with [...]

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