Common questions about resume writing and our service are found below. Take a look and learn more about what we offer!

FAQ is a list of answers to our most commonly asked questions about resumes, cover letters and LinkedIn.
Why do you use Skype/Zoom for calls instead of telephones?

The professional landscape increasingly utilizes Skype and Zoom as pre-interview/interview tools. Exposing our clients to these forums gives them preliminary experience conducting themselves over these platforms. Although it is an informal process, we readily offer tips and answer your questions with our professional experience and insight.

What do you mean by unlimited revisions/100% satisfaction?

Top Prospect Careers will provide you with as many revisions as needed within the first week after completion of your resume to ensure that your final project meets your exact needs, specifications, and desires.

My professional field is very obscure/niched/uncommon/difficult to write about can you still help me?

We have extensive experience working with individuals from dozens of industries. As such, we are familiar with many fields and ensure we communicate exactly what your experience entails. Professional integrity is important to us so if your needs our outside of our scope of expertise you will be informed accordingly.

The job posting I want to apply for is closing tomorrow can my order be rushed?

Yes, we provide rushed orders for a fee.

I don’t have a resume does that mean you can’t help me?

If you do not have any existing career documents we will write them from scratch based on your work experience, education, and desired career.

Do you write for clients that are not located in Canada?

Yes, we have extensive experience writing for clients all over the world. In fact, the majority of our clients are international (American). In addition, we have written for clients in Vietnam, the UK, Brazil, India, Dubai, Mexico, Germany, and many other places, all of which were satisfied with our work.

Are your resumes optimized for applicant tracking systems (ATS/Scanners)?

Our uniquely formatted resumes allow scanners to easily read them from left to right. In addition, we are experts at determining and including high-impact keywords and industry-standard job titles. In essence, if your resume is relevant to the position being applied for, contains the keywords and job titles necessary, and has the pre-requisites for the job, people will see your resume.


I’m unsure which job or industry I’m best suited for. Can you help me?

Yes! As part of our service, we offer career guidance and our qualified, professional opinions on which jobs and industries you are best suited for. We are always honest and will not mislead you. We understand the difficulties in career navigation and value the trust you place in us to help you along the way.

Can you tailor my resume for specific jobs?

Yes. As often as we can, we work with clients to make sure there is a clear employment goal in mind. It’s always more optimal to have a focused and narrow resume as opposed to a generic, loosely oriented one.

Why should I choose you?

Here are just a few things which set us apart from other writers and services.

  1. We genuinely care: We are not a large company and we are very gracious to the clients who put their trust in us. We take enormous pride in ensuring our clients are above satisfied with their finished package and confident in their decisions moving forward. We work very closely with each client to ensure their end-to-end experience with Top Prospect Careers was beyond what they expected. We are looking for consistency not volume.
  2. We communicate thoroughly: We have had many clients come to us with concerns that their previous writer didn’t deliver and wasn’t receptive or available for input or feedback. This is not us! We are personally engaged and the process is highly interactive, including your input every step of the way. We don’t finish a project until you are %100 satisfied.
  3. We are experts: our combined knowledge lends itself well to delivering high quality professional services that, undoubtedly, enhance your career prospects. We have experience in recruiting, professional writing, training, career coaching, hiring, management, sales, marketing, teaching, and many more. We have a proven and refined process which is second to none in  the industry and we are constantly looking for ways to deliver you the best professional documents possible. Period.


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