Do you really need a cover letter?

Cover letters are crucial when submitting a resume to employers. They really help you advance your career prospects

Is your cover letter important? Will recruiters even read them? We hear these questions all the time. The truth is, studies show that 40% of employers won’t look at resumes  if they don’t have a cover letter. Cover letters are seen by 75% of recruiters as being as important as the resume itself. Unfortunately, applicants spend the least amount of time on them or neglect them altogether. If a posting requests a cover letter and you don’t provide one or provide one that is poorly written you will not be contacted. Cover letters are an integral part of the job seeking process.

When an employer has thousands of resumes to sort through, cover letters set the tone of an application, and should motivate the employer to show interest and be very keen to read the enclosed resume. Don’t miss out on the next great job opportunity. Our professionally written cover letters will demonstrate your interest in a position, your professional brand, and exactly why a prospective employer should consider you over the next candidate.


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